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Exploring Trans Sexuality Within a Body-Inclusive Model

We all grow up with toxic narratives of how our bodies are “supposed to” function and how we “should” experience pleasure, but for trans and nonbinary folx these narratives pose particular problems, as they foreclose the radical possibilities of trans sexualities. Unfortunately, few therapists are trained to help trans and non-binary folx navigate erotic embodiment, and the therapeutic relationship is frequently marked by imaginative failures concerning our erotic lives. This workshop proposes a model of sitting with trans and non-binary clients and hosting pleasure-centered explorations of sexualities and erotic embodiment.
*This on-demand content was originally presented live in 2021
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        What You’ll Learn in this Course

        Describe three (3) of the “structuring narratives” that negatively impact understanding of trans sexualities.
        Demonstrate an increased level of comfort and confidence in addressing sexual health concerns with trans, non-binary, and gender expansive folx within clinical settings.
        Apply and deploy at least three (3) somatic, trauma-informed, and pleasure-centered techniques or interventions presented in this workshop within one's education, counseling, or therapeutic practice to help clients come into passionate relationship with their embodied sexual selves.
        AASECT Certification

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        What Our Students Say

        I REALLY enjoyed listening to Lucie Fielding speak! It was super insightful and I feel it definitely had me reflect on my allyship and how I can improve.
        Alejandra L. 
        Licensed Social Work Associate
        It was an excellent course and I felt that the speaker was super informative. The presentation was very interesting and I feel like I gained a lot. I loved learning about different terms and about how as therapists we can work to dismantle narratives that are damaging to trans people.
        Krista C.
        Licensed Mental Health Counselor
        Lucie is very knowledgeable and able to provide strong history and understanding to gender diversity.
        Alysse C.
        Family Medicine Doctor
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        —   About the Instructor

        Lucie Fielding, MA

        Resident in Counseling

        Lucie Fielding, MA (she/they) is a white, queer, non-binary femme, and a Resident in Counseling, practicing in Charlottesville, VA. She received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute (2018). Lucie also holds a PhD in French from Northwestern University (2008), where she specialized in eighteenth-century literature, histories of sexualities, and erotic literature. 
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