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History of the Discipline of Sex Research, Theory, Education, Counseling and Therapy

The study of sex and sexuality has a long history. In this course, participants will explore how sexology emerged and evolved as a discipline, as well as how research methods have shifted over time. This includes those involving physiological, psychological, or behavioral focuses, with particular consideration being paid to studies that focus on diverse populations during the 19th through 21st centuries.
*This on-demand content was originally presented live in 2021
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        What You’ll Learn in this Course

        Describe the study of sexology and the disciplines that contribute to understanding.
        Summarize at least six advances in the understanding of human sexuality.
        Explain how advances in technology affected human sexual behavior.
        Identify and describe the contributions of at least six leaders in the field of sexology.
        Compare social mores as they relate to sexual behavior over the course of human history.
        Describe at least three issues that will need to be addressed by future sexologists.
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        What Our Students Say

        This was chock full of great historical information. I enjoyed the presenter's style. Excellent program.
        Alysse C.
        Family Medicine Doctor
        Very fascinating material presented!! Thank you so much - so informative and engaging. It made learning about history captivating.
        Yadira C.
        Licensed Clinical Social Worker
        Great lecture! I appreciated her presentation style
        Elizabeth S.
        Nurse Practitioner
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        —   About the Instructor

        Brooke Norton, LMFT, MLS

        Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

        Brooke Norton, LMFT, MLS specializes in sexuality and relationships, and works with clients of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles. Before earning her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy degree from UMass Boston, she was a sex educator, and she worked with parents and children in a few area schools, teaching about puberty. She has given workshops for parents about talking with their kids about sex and sexuality.
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