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Low Sexual Desire in Men: Causes and Treatment Recommendations 

This presentation will attempt to develop a better understanding of the causes of low desire in men, and discuss some of the treatment strategies that have been useful in assisting individuals and couples to resolve this challenge.
*This on-demand content was originally presented live in 2021
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        What You’ll Learn in this Course

        Explain 3 most common causes of low desire in men.
        Determine various ways to address desire issues individually.
        Describe at least three common treatment approaches for couples with differing levels of sexual desire.
        AASECT Certification

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        What Our Students Say

        So glad we covered this topic! The presenter was great! Super informative and engaging! 
        Alejandra L. 
        Licensed Social Work Associate
        I enjoyed learning about lower sexual desire in men, and thought the presentation was really clear and easy to follow. 
        Krista C.
        Licensed Mental Health Counselor
        Very good lecture, wonderful insight.
        Alysse Cruz.
        Family Medicine Doctor
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        —   About the Instructor

        Nazanin Moali, PhD, CST

        Licensed Clinical Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

        Dr. Nazanin Moali is a licensed clinical psychologist and an AASECT certified Sex Therapist. Her private practice is located in Los Angeles and she specializes in working with couples and individuals struggling with issues of sex and intimacy. She hosts a weekly podcast called Sexology introducing the most intriguing findings in psychology of sex and intimacy. 
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