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Using Third Wave Cognitive Therapies for Sexual Health Problems

During this course, participants will practice techniques from third wave cognitive therapies to address sexual dysfunctions and barriers to intimacy by engaging in role plays, after giving a clinical demonstration of a sex history. Participants will learn how to tailor approaches to individual clients, ensuring they can adapt successfully when needed. Factors like race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers will be explored during the course. The goal is to ensure participants are well-equipped to work with a wide range of clients by promoting a culturally responsive understanding and greater adaptability when treating a variety of clients in diverse clinical settings. Additionally, special attention is paid to the challenges and limitations associated with certain populations, treatment settings, methodologies, techniques, and models. Overall, this course incorporates various clinical methods, integrating them into various sexual counseling and sex therapy models, while also examining the impact of multidimensional influences as part of the sexual health paradigm.
*This on-demand content was originally presented live in 2021
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        What You’ll Learn in this Course

        Understand 3 mechanisms of change in addressing sexual dysfunction using a MBST/CBT/ACT approach.
        Conceptualize and develop treatment for Erectile Dysfunction using a CBT/ACT approach.
        Conceptualize and develop treatment for Female Genital Pain using a CBT/ACT approach.
        AASECT Certification

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        What Our Students Say

        Very informative and helpful- personally and professionally.
        Crystle P. 
        Licensed Clinical Psychologist
        Great presenter, very knowledgeable!
        Tracii W.
        Graduate Student
        It was really informative, and happy I gained new tools to help my clients. 
        Nakia R.
        Licensed Professional Counselor
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        —   About the Instructor

        Miklos Hargitay, Psy.D., CST

        Licensed Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

        Dr. Miklos Hargitay specializes in therapy for trauma, relationship conflict, men’s mental health, mood disorders, and helping people talk about sexuality in a sex-positive way. He provides individual, couples, and sex therapy. He is a New York State licensed psychologist, an AASECT-certified sex therapist, and a member of the New York City Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association.
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