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Sexual Health Learning Theories

During this course, participants will examine and explore learning theory models and how they can apply to providing culturally responsive sexual education and clinical practice. Additionally, special attention is paid to the delivery of sound information regarding sexual health, including ethical considerations that are especially pertinent in clinical therapy and how to develop educational materials, particularly for diverse populations.
*This on-demand content was originally presented live in 2021
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        What You’ll Learn in this Course

        Explain and analyze the concepts, and principles of two theoretical learning models used to deliver sexual health information.
        Describe the clinical application of each theoretical model for treating sexual dysfunctions.
        Identify and describe applications of teaching and learning theory in the context of providing sex counseling and therapy.
        Identify learning theory factors that recognize cultural factors, and understand the intersectionality of diverse populations.
        Identify and articulate your own learning style and its influence on your delivery of sexual health related content.
        AASECT Certification

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        What Our Students Say

        The presenter did a great job at describing various learning theories in an interestng and applicable manner.
        Lori L. 
        Licensed Clinical Psychologist
        I really enjoyed the presentation and found it super informative! 
        Krista C.
        Licensed Mental Health Counselor
        It was very interesting to see how theory was brought in to understand sexual dysfunction.
        Alejandra L.
        Licensed Social Work Associate
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        —   About the Instructor

        Jay Watts, M.A., M. Ed., ACS

        Sex Educator

        Jay (Jillian) Watts, M.A., M. Ed., ACS (She/They) is an Affrilachian Queer Sexuality & Diversity Scholar and currently a DE&I executive for a domestic violence organization.
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